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Exclusive Apartment


This exclusive apartment of 450 m2 is located in one of Switzerland’s best ski resorts.

The aim was to offer a cozy apartment with the use of natural materials and colors in order to create a luxurious home not forgetting the livable and warm aspect of the interior.

Each element was meticulously picked out, every piece of furniture was customized, using a combination of different materials and textures.

In this selection the inspiration was found in natural stones and authentic materials such as real wood and stone, raw wool, marble, all given to us by nature.

The combination of different colors staying in the shades of beige & grey, combining them with different types of fabrics such and linen & velour, mixing diverse styles of furniture, contemporary with classic.

These unexpected mixes will help create a pleasant to live in residence, making the past meet the present, both visually as well as physically.

An accommodating, distinctive mountain residence tailored especially for the clients’ needs.